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A Quick Word From Our Leader

Your generous donations help FOCIS Counseling Services provide accessible, high-quality mental health care to Oklahoma City. By supporting our mission, you empower individuals and families to overcome life's challenges and achieve emotional well-being.

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S & B Burger Pay it Forward

Come join us Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at S&B Burger Joint (Quail Springs) located at 140th and N. May Ave. for Pay it Forward! Grab a great burger, salad, taco, or loaded fries. By eating at S & B Burger Joint on Pay it Forward Tuesday, 12/15/15 FOCIS Counseling Services, Inc., gets 10% of net sales for the entire day! This S & B location is open at 11am and serves until 10pm

Let your friends and family know - the more that come to eat and drink that day, the more clients in need FOCIS can serve.

Donations are always appreciated!

FOCIS is appreciative to S & B Burger and commend their diligence to 'Pay it Forward' to the OKC community.

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